• «Nagai brewing, Gunma Prefecture»

    • Skunk Cabbage, Junmai Daiginjo Midori

      580 yen

      Junmai Daiginjo that brew Nishiki Yamada was raised in contract farming and rice 50 percent.Friendly drink reminiscent of blooming skunk cabbage flowers to Oze.Spread smell like white peach and pear, you can enjoy a soft, natural feel.

    • Skunk Cabbage, Junmai Ginjo

      500 yen

      Hyogo Prefecture Miki Bessho production contract farming Nishiki Yamada 100 percent use.Gem rice taste has condensation of Nishiki Yamada.There is a sour, also good cut of aftertaste.We will wrap while brings out the taste of a variety of dishes.

    • Tanigawa, Junmai Daiginjo Junmai Daiginjo

      580 yen

      Tanigawa in Gunma Prefecture, the northernmost.Abundant snow and rain in the mountains have been slowly filtered through a nature of the earth, is a drink that has been brewing in the mother water of soft and faintly sweet natural water.Gently gorgeous and relaxing scent, you can enjoy in accordance with the wide range of cuisine in a good taste balanced.

  • «Kawanishiya brewing shop, Kanagawa Prefecture»

    • Tanzawa-Gin building Junmai

      500 yen

      It was built in the water of Tanzawa and rice local Ashigara production "Wakamizu", exactly sake.Fruity Standing gorgeous aroma, mellow flavor and rich complex and balanced flavor of balance acidity in harmony.

  • «Yamanashi Grand Crus Yamanashi Prefecture»

    • Seven wise men - KazeRin Miyama Junkome wine

      500 yen

      Famous water in the village, Silas, was brewed in the United States of subsoil water and Yamanashi Prefecture of the Southern Alps Kai Komagatake, is a refreshing pure rice wine.A refreshing scent to exit the rice taste and nose spread in the mouth to cherish, in the throat, which was refreshing, and finished with a slightly dry taste.

    • Taste of the seven wise men, velvet Junmai Ginjo

      500 yen

      Per smooth mouth, bouncy acidity and light touch.Bitter taste was tangy is felt in the subject, quite dry taste.Finish is short, it feels fine.

    • Seven wise men, silk of taste Junmai Daiginjo

      580 yen

      Sweetness that was elegant and clean spread gently.Fine granularity a nimble and sour refreshing, and tightening the second half of the taste is bitter with a little irritating, and overall become a dry taste.Reverberation is a little short, I feel like disappearing slowly while leaving a refreshing feeling.

  • «Beian brewing, Nagano Prefecture»

    • Beian Okuni-Junmai Toyohibiki

      380 yen

      Without hesitation dry feeling of sweetness, and clean then out acidity bracing.Pungency easy flea under mild.

    • Beian Okuni, Junmai Ginjo good Shifts

      580 yen

      By KoAtsushi charge of internal tradition, but without hesitation refreshing taste taste but sweet.The meaning of good Shifts is "a good idea" in the words of Nagano.Good harmony of liquor of Gomi (Kansan spicy astringent bitter), there is a condensed flavor.

  • «Chiyo Ko brewing, Niigata Prefecture»

    • Chiyo Ko-Dry Junkome wine +19

      480 yen

      That complete fermentation of sake of +19, is a dry pure rice wine with a crisp.Thanks to the mother water of the leading very soft water in the nation, while a super-dry, soft, and was completed the sake of high Chiyo unique with taste.

  • «Shirotaki brewing, Niigata»

    • Minatoya FujiSuke-Junmai Daiginjo

      580 yen

      Scent with fresh goods, taste a thick pulled out the taste of rice, is pure rice large sake feel the deep richness.

    • Uonuma - Dry Junkome sake

      380 yen

      Sake degree plus 12! Is a pure rice wine is the drink of refreshing spicy, which I do not think.Mellow and firm and rice and the taste was, spicy and refreshing.And sharp throat, you can experience the aftertaste that was closed Kiririto.

  • «Itsumi brewing, Sado Island»

    • True crest-Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo

      620 yen

      Dry sense of transparency.Sake does not have a specific habit.Aftertaste is faintly sweet, refreshing is Nodogoshi.Because there is a sour taste, it recommended for meat dishes.

    • True crest - pure rice sake

      480 yen

      Is characterized by softness in taste is kept firmly.It is pure rice sake of rich aroma.

  • «Fukumitsuya Ishikawa Prefecture»

    • Kaga kite-Yamahai pure rice ultra-dry

      480 yen

      Handmade mountain waste liquor pure rice wine were charged carefully at the mother of tradition.Yamahai drew without leaving a net rice Features.With exquisite acidity and deep with a full-bodied, is sharply go ballistic super dry.

    • Kaga kite-frigid charged Junmai dry

      380 yen

      At a time of severe winter which will be most suitable for the brewing, is pure rice sake finished carefully at low temperature fermentation.Yet light and crisp with good dry, is generous in flavor of rice spread "delicious dry".The goodness of the sharp spread when you include in the mouth, you can also delicious the next full.

    • Kaga kite-Junmai Sho

      380 yen

      Calm and the scent, flavor with a crisp of pure rice unique is the feature.With a light dry and refreshing, well sharp and get in the cold sake chilled Kiritsu, it is a straight feel that disappear in the throat.

  • «Nakao brewing, Hiroshima Prefecture»

    • Makoto mirror-Junmai Ginjo phantom

      500 yen

      A brewery of apple yeast originated, is pure rice sake of the former brewery "Nakao brewing" of the imperial family conceded liquor Hiroshima Prefecture, also won the honor of Takehara.It is a soft taste, but it is fact liquor some nice small taste of the waist.

    • Makoto mirror - pure rice Takehara

      380 yen

      Is a little sweet, but harmony good taste, acidity, aroma, is a wine quality also said the origin of the rustic sake not decorated with a small taste nice.

  • «齋彌 brewing shop, Akita Prefecture»

    • Dilapidated house - Yamahai pure rice sake of snow

      480 yen

      What about temperature surprising and masterpiece !! moderate acid of mountain waste pure rice wine to enjoy even in the light taste is pure rice sake representative of the dilapidated house of snow.

    • Dilapidated house - pure rice sake of snow

      500 yen

      Junmai Ginjo that will plump rice aroma and taste is characterized, finally allowed to clean at a moderate acidity.

  • «Haneda brewing Yamagata Prefecture»

    • Uzen white plum-pure rice sake

      580 yen

      It is also possible to claim to be pure rice Daiginjo If you look from the polishing ratio and build.Light type of Recommended! Heavy chunky rice flavor and plenty of the included KoAtsushi taste is taste to those who are tired of drinking pure rice sake.

    • Uzen white plum-turbidity JunGin burning

      500 yen

      Subtle fruit aroma, taste clean Nigorizake.You can enjoy up to your cans also good! Cold sake - warm balance by the burning.

  • «Ippongi Kubo head office, Fukui»

    • Denkokoro "Snow" Junmai Ginjo

      500 yen

      As it is the impression of pure water was charged, clean and gentle aroma, pure rice GinYuzuru of fresh taste full of transparent feeling Features.

    • Denkokoro "rice" Junmai

      480 yen

      Rice that grows heavily, such as to imagine a landscape swaying in the gentle breeze, "soft and gentle, smooth mouthfeel, plump taste" of liquor.

  • «Virtuoso 醸店 謹譲 Wakayama Prefecture»

    • Black cow - pure rice

      480 yen

      Soft in aroma, flavor with a width drawer the taste of the rice.You can enjoy a wide range cooled from cans of paint in the food in the liquor type of effect opening.

    • Black cow, Junmai Ginjo

      620 yen

      Mellow aroma with elegance.After taste also mellow, is a refreshing aftertaste.

  • «Kamenoi brewing Yamagata Prefecture»

    • Mack daddy, Junmai Ginjo

      580 yen

      Scent is very glamorous and fruity.Palatable gently mild taste.

    • Mack daddy, Junmai Ginjo Dry

      580 yen

      Not felt too much in a normal dry wine, plump taste and fruity aroma, blessed the goodness of sharp after drank, pungent and moderate acid has maintained a perfect balance.

  • «Southern belle, Iwate Prefecture»

    • Southern belle, special Junkome

      520 yen

      Iwate Prefecture Ninohe production special cultivation rice of the "Gin'otome" it is the main raw material.Fluffy friendly refreshing aftertaste in the aroma and elegant rice taste of fruit.

    • Southern belle, Junmai Ginjo

      580 yen

      Pleasant Ginjo incense, but sweetness and taste of rice is spread to faint, it is gently beautiful and elegant Junmai Ginjo There is also sharp.

  • «Kichihei Kato shopping Fukui Prefecture»

    • Without knowing 梵, Junmai Ginjo-time

      500 yen

      Nishiki Yamada-five Hyakumangoku koji 50% multiplied by 55% polished of aging pure rice sake.At 5 ℃ in the gift of the aging five years, great ripening incense and color.

    • 梵 GOLD · Junmai Daiginjo

      580 yen

      Hyogo Prefecture Special A district of Yamada is pure sake about 1 year ice temperature aging at -10 ℃ the using Nishiki, was containment of the effect of and the burning only once just before shipping, "season", fragrant mellow Junmai Daiginjo with such taste.

  • «Black Dragon Brewery, Fukui»

    • Black Dragon - Kuzuryu-Junmai

      500 yen

      Incense is gentle.Pear and cantaloupe, drifts neat and clean fragrance scent, and reminiscent of such lily, such as white peach.When Kang malt aroma, sweet flavor, such as the chestnut pastry spread with Fuwa'.

    • Black Dragon - Junmai Ginjo

      580 yen

      While drawer rice original taste with Fukui Prefecture five Hyakumangoku, was pursuing a refreshing drink comfort.Deep horse of the taste and aroma of harmony controversial of is pure rice sake.

  • «Asahi Brewery Yamaguchi Prefecture»

    • Ososai-Junmai Daiginjo 50

      500 yen

      Junmai Daiginjo that brew brushing Nishiki Yamada which is said to be the best of sake rice to 50%.Clean, fresh taste and soft, delicate scent has maintained a perfect balance.※ This item is for the very popular, there is a case of out of stock.Please note.

  • "There sparkling sake"

    • "Skunk cabbage Junmai Ginjo sparkling"

      2980 yen

      Since the secondary fermentation in the bottle, you can enjoy an active sense and pure rice wine own rice taste to play in the mouth.Rare in turbidity pure sake, it is clean and dry type you.

    • "Otter Festival Junmai Daiginjo sparkling"

      3980 yen

      But I think some people you have a feeling, such as "Nigorizake" and say "rice wine", in Nigorizake of this drink is gorgeous aroma and full of coolness sparkling liquor to the contrary, of Nishiki Yamada unique purport we filled in the to fresh effect of.It can be seen precisely because refreshing aroma and subtle effervescent Nigorizake, please taste the rice sweetness of Nishiki Yamada unique.

    • "Seven wise men Sparkling Yamanokasumi"

      3980 yen

      Foaming fine by the bottle in the secondary fermentation is to produce a refreshing taste, fruity aroma is a pleasant finest sake sparkling.Gas pressure of 3.5 atm and increase, you can enjoy the crisp not to leave the sweetness well.

  • 【beer】

    • [Raw] The Premium Malt

      580 yen

      Deep flavor and gorgeous scent

    • [Bottle] The Maltz

      600 yen

      "UMAMI is different!"

    • Suntory All free (non-alcoholic beer)

      500 yen

      "To you, liquor is not drink ..."

  • [Sake High]

    • Sour system

      Each 500 yen

      Oolong High lemon sour gyokuro containing green tea high Calpis sour lime sour pickled sour grapefruit sour tomato juice split grapefruit juice split orange juice split

  • 【wine】

    • <Red wine> Bodega Cabernet Sauvignon (Chilean Medium)

      Glass 500 yen

      Bottle 2000 yen

    • <White wine> Bodega Chardonnay (Chile-Dry)

      Glass 500 yen

      Bottle 2000 yen

  • 【Whisky】

    • "Corner" highball classic

      480 yen -

      Highball 480 yen - Ginger highball 500 yen-Cola highball 500 yen tonic highball 500 yen

    • Yamanashi of taste "Hakushu"

      580 yen

      Forest fragrant highball

    • Takumi taste "Chita"

      580 yen

      Wind fragrant highball

  • [Fruit wine of attention]

    • Fruit wine

      Each 580 yen

      Miyama grape-Fuwatoro Pine Yoshino story peach-simmering turbidity plum wine and North Ranch yogurt

    • ☆ handed fruit wine set ☆

      680 yen

      (Please your favorite drink to choose three types you from above)

  • [Shochu]

    • (Potato) black Kirishima

      500 yen
    • Wealth 乃宝 mountain (potato)

      600 yen
    • Kappa nine Senbo (wheat)

      500 yen
    • Asahi (brown sugar)

      580 yen
    • Rui Izumi Blue Dragon (awamori)

      Each 580 yen
  • 【Cocktail】

    • Cassis base

      Each 580 yen

      Cassis Orange Cassis soda Cassis Oolong cassis grapefruit-cassis tonic cassis back

    • Campari base

      Each 580 yen

      Campari Soda Campari Orange Campari tomato spumone

    • Lychee base

      Each 580 yen

      Raichifizu-lychee orange lychee tonic lychee grapefruit

    • Peach base

      Each 580 yen

      Pichifizu, Fuzzy Navel, Peach Milk, Peach Oolong Peach grapefruit

    • Kalua base

      580 yen

      · Karuamiruku

    • Coconut (Coconut Cork Coconut Milk Kopamiruku)

      Each 580 yen
    • Beer-based

      Each 580 yen

      Shandigafu-Kashisubia-Kanparibia-Pichibia Red Eye

    • Jinbesu

      Each 580 yen

      Gin and tonic Tom Collins Jinbakku Jin Ricky gin and lime

    • Vodka

      Each 580 yen

      Screw driver bulldog, Salty Dock

  • 【Soft drink】

    • .

      Each 400 yen

      Cola ginger ale Calpis, oolong tea, orange juice, tomato juice, grapefruit juice